Before me and bed


before me and bed,
are seven couplet coups.
nine out of ten mingled,
on soft spread sheets.

behind closed eyes,
is a fast flowing emotional waterfall.
flowing not gently in plunge,
fifteen out of twenty nestles.

I filmed yesterday’s day,
and combed the day gone by.
inside the half opened eye is tomorrow,
thirteen out of fifteen is yet to ripple.

beneath muted pillow,
the dreams of sage shared.
on top of the flowing dreams,
fifty thousand gigantic tipped prospects.

every sleep brings newer dimension,
with loads of taped mission.
every wish for bed breeds dynamics,
with heavily piled aspirations to weave.

before me and bed,
all I see is life stories rewritten.
before me and bed,
are dripping forged memoirs rewritten in new ink…
—so dozed off me into the nights deep,
in bed and in soaked ratiocinations.

The Village Thinker © 2014


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