Thou Yellow Van


Thou yellow van,
passing and passing here always.
You were here just yesterday,
and here you are today too.
You never cease to amaze me,
like a monkey on top of an amazon tree.
You bring more dust here,
yet you don’t care for once.

Thou yellow van,
Do you still have these old tyres?
thirteen years ago,
when I first saw you,
you were still on these same wheels.
Okay, no problem!
But where is that humour filled mate of yours?
No, not him…
I mean Valdas…
that is a pun in irony!

The roads are still dusty,
and the face still untarred.
The government promised to construct it,
yes and it was the Member of Parliament—
for our constituency who broke the microphone that day.
But you see,
its been ten years now;
and not even a hoe has been struck—
to feel the desires of this road.

Thou yellow van,
pardon me for this curiosity.
I know the morning has already broken,
and thus market women are impatiently waiting for you.
To cut a long story short,
it was good you passed by to greet me.
But as you ply this dusty path road,
please make sure you change your engine oil—
and these worried tyres—
for you are a life saver! 

The Village Thinker © 2014

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