I am aware
that life is not an easy journey
so it is for the tasks
to travel on it ridges
I am also very much aware
that the decisions made today
will determine your future tomorrow

it holds to common sense
and am aware of it all
yet life is precious
as once bitten—twice shy
and you know
life is a fuming vapour in circles
with no residue to be written off

I am aware
that to be a man is not by word of mouth
that it comes with greater responsibilities
like taking good care of your wife,
paying utilities, school fees and luxury

it holds in the eyes of common sense
and am very much aware
of all these
yet one must be man enough
to carry the cross of life
I am a boy
you would be a girl
or share the same as I share
and o’ yes
we shall bear the cost someday

Father used to say
“you will grow to meet”
so would the ‘Akan’ in me nod
ofcourse I am aware
that things aren’t same
when the wings of childhood are with you
and when they wither away
someday I shall also grow like him
when I am stricken to grey hairs
and bones so feeble to skin
and o’ yes
I am still very much aware

Or should I run to hide
fly over the mighty oceans
or should I sail beyond the seas
hang myself in the hidden skies
or go on skipping on stow-away
to countries never seen before?
but will there be a place to hold me safely
that I would escape life’s mystery and coaching?

And o’ no—not at all
life is life
it awaits every soul
born of a woman on the noons of nine months
with nothing so serene to deflect it winds
away from catching young budding souls
as they make gradual transition
from one stage to another

I am aware
you should also do same
we all should be aware
this is the mystic of life
written on leaflet thoughts
so winked in woven deeper tales
under the glaring eyes
of a village in the castle of my mind

The Village Thinker © 2014

Note: Akan is one of the ethnic groups in Ghana and shares about 60% of the total population. One adage in Akan says, “wo bayin ab3tow”, which literary translates in English as, “you shall grow to discover”.


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