Pains of me


sunk in an island of pains
pains croaking under  plains
pages of pains written on sheets

far far away in me
down down in me
deep deep in me
lies the pond of pains

itself stemming me low
emotions calculated on low
on face is a designed graphics
graphics proving me whirls

pains of me engulfed
in stitched melodic lyrics
will there ever be inner peace?
will there ever be tears wiping?

take solace in my solaris
plant seedlings of peace in my heart
conceive memories of love in hues
I wish to get thus pains away

The Village Thinker © 2014


2 thoughts on “Pains of me

  1. Life has given a chance and continuing to give a chance to live and find reasons to be happy and make others happy…once we start wiping tears of others,we will find our own tears are being replaced by peace and joy…:)

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