More than gold


some are born great
others born greater
but some forged greatest

great is loyalty
being born greater is admiration
forged by tune of greatness is service

life is a golden sunbeam
giving us multiple choices
to serve in the outermost of us

golden days of brightness filled
tiny trenches of our offers
servos of a thousand brightness

life is more than gold
what you hold inside the deep
of your nostrils is more than gold

prime index of a new course
a course channelled under the love of colours
changing the light of our course

the universe watching us over
with angels shielding us all night
life is beautiful— so beautiful

when brightly coloured petals
arranged to the  archives of life
streaming this course is the music of life

look at the gentle river under the quite forest
swaying side by side in wishes
such is the life of innocence

this is more than gold
what you hold inside you is more than gold
it is your precious of precious

though life can take the best part of you
though you would be mocked by life’s woes
and moved to the deep of life’s agonies

remember the last of your soul
you are precious of precious
created superb in flawless creation

God is a unique force
we are his handiwork
woven on his finger prints

cherish the life you have
value the life God gives you
appreciate every moment

whether poor or rich
famous or infamous
strong or weak

whether big or small
sane or insane
happy or sad

whether healthy or ill
beautiful or ugly
intelligent or unintelligent

you life is more than gold
far more than any thing dreamed of
you are just a wondrous creation
more valuable than anything

The Village Thinker © 2014


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