A monody to the winds


Streaking through our cold souls are our tears
Seeping through the pinnacles of our hearts are our tear drops
Sadness have gripped the beauty of our spirits
Our emotions have been sapped away
Like the vapours of a sunny noon day
Silence has still our sentiments
Like the morning dew’s melting desires.

Daddy was our soul mate
He was the eyes that watched our souls
He hoped for our hopes
Daddy was like the sun drying up our tears
When the wasp of life sting us
When cold came in no mercy
In his warm arms we warmed our bodies
He was a multi-rainbow colour filled
A man of woman’s heart
True compassion, love, kindness
Appreciation, respect, and.hardworking
Were the very humanistic traits one can find in him
His heart was the well which
We, his children fetched
To drink to quench the thirst of life’s
Pains, woes, agonies, worries
When they moved in harshness in the valley of our throats. 

Here he lies today
With lifeless blood streaming his mortality
Singing tunes to only his quite soul
Which our mortal ears can’t hear
The dark side of life has separated us
His lonely boat has crossed
The big river of life to the vast ocean of death
The cold hands of death
Has fallen on his nostril
And ceased the flow of his breath from growing
Death surely is a master wicked
Forgiving no mortal when he wields his axe of time cut.

We know life won’t overly exist on this land
We know where there is the glamour of light
There exist also the blend of the glooms of darkness
Daddy you have left us at a time we would need you most
You have left us at this D-junction
Where solemn and sadness
Have become the palm wine we are taking sip from
You did your best to save our pride from nudity
By restoring on our bodies the best of shelter
You drowned our minds into the heaps of the best of education
And gave us the best of a caretaker
-Your wife, our mother.

Papa, though you no longer share this streams
Of life with us any more
But we do appreciate your fatherly love
Care and concern you showered on us
But until we meet at the cross road to the father
We bid your soul fare-well
To the land where our ancestors
Share peace and honour with”Odomankoma”
Fare-well to the land of our ancestors…
And may “Odomankoma” keep your soul safe….
Bye bye paapa….

The Village Thinker © 2014


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