On blue tales


yelling yellow yearns
you yea yesterday
your young yourself
your youthful yultide

locomotive lowmotive
limbos limbs limber
little lingering longer
lowest lawsuit lawmakers

smile smoking smuggled
skilled silky skins
slightly slimy slime
servants service servitude

blue tales
blue days
blue hays
blue dates

tales sewn on blue
bowing to windy blue
glowing landward of our blue
mystery to the mind’s distilled blue 

blow blown blows
blue bliss blues
bleak bleakest bleats
bellow billowed billows

asset assert assertion
assistant assisting assigned
associated association assing
assembled assailing assailants

let little temple temper
let littlest littler timble
let little traffic tumble
let eleventh length lengthens

tales of blues
blues on tales
ironically blues
tales tailored
on windowed minds
set to quaff
quadrant quantities
on rhetorical retail poetic
lifelong blue bird songs

The Village Thinker © 2014


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