Illogical logics— II


Flashes from the light of the sun,
with deeper reflections from faces;
where all seem to be posing to it—
but is the sun a camera and who is the cameraman?

go to the market of the book;
and oh every itemised theory is cheap,
and yet the real economics sense,
hangs on the boots of high prices and gallope inflation

adults toiling in sweat,
children playing in dirt;
and why can’t children be adults?
and so sad the tale of the later–they are not true humans

they call themselves political parties;
parties of campaign on the eve—
with no red champagnes,
to throw us all special parities

is it no reasonable in thesis,
that the crave for lifelong education;
should solve our woes—
but why is unemployment now the only pool for educated graduates?

three arms they claim are of the government;
and the another force of media,
paranoiding as a fourth—
but where is the head of the arms?

a world where everyone cares about democracy; 
yet everyone is suddenly against statocracy—
and democracy maiming many poor countries,
but if hell is not haven why don’t you yell for pornocracy?

a classless classification of classics;
a dressless dressed dissolution of solutions,
a breathless breathing pause of pulses—
turfed wheels underage the wheeless wheelchair

all life spent under  miscellaneous,
precision specification of induction;
mingled tingle of tantrums—
with clouds of doubt clouding innocent souls

Living to die;
dying to live,
a piper whistle of vipers—
yet no poison poured for lipsticking

Times out-volumed by fabric;
with million clothing line flooding mankind,
and oil shelling of textiles—
yet nudity is in the plentitude of the streets

sad sad polls of dilution,
with society bleeding out of lawless men;
and who made them lawless—
isn’t this same society?

flawed lamented shady moments;
sensuality of appeal to dead souls,
when prayers become a necessity at the graveyard—
but to save who?

logic is still logic—
illogical still illogical—
with empty barrels of insanity;
fathoming a still no additional illogical logics of reality fantasy

The Village Thinker © 2014


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