A voice from heaven


There came a voice,
from the fifty-hundred folded heavens.

As the clouds opened their mouths,
I could feel the sounds of the voice.

Many strikingly voice,
built in echoes of grace giving.

The voice was from all voices,
like a moon’s transient accordion.

Inside the voice,
came a voice of knowing and soul gracing.

This voice is not of an astronaut,
nor a giant meteorological orbiting body.

A voice that gave me hope of a better tomorrow,
and ironed my faith to it believes.

There is healing in it,
with miracles so profound in it deep.

Could it be the voice of God,
or a defined angelic voice?

This is how I feel,
this is how I think,
it’s the voice of our God—

For up up above our sky,
lies the greatest force of God himself.

The Village Thinker © 2014

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