Solomon’s letter to dear diary


Sounds of moaning and ecstasy emanating from the HeadSet
Eyes unshakably fixed and
Senses Fused on this HD quality Movie
Two hands down in my pants negotiating an organsm
Been fixed at this spot for about one hour already

Surfing from one collection to the other
Three hours later I was dowsed in protein matter

Time Gone
No! Time Wasted is the word
In as much as I wouldn’t want to say this
I’ll acknowledge the truth the Years has rolled by
And seeds have been wasted.

Muscles getting strong in exponentially increasing Strength in Antonyms
That’s the reason for the shaky feet minutes later

I can recall vividly that in my Junior High I was introduced to this act
Innocent unsuspecting me didn’t see that coming from a friend
Never knew that that’s what he was about

Making substitution for Girls with ours hands made us gay at a point

{Yeah, don’t probe me in on that Diary, I can’t categorically elucidate on that. Got my reasons}

I believe at this point you get where I’m going to with this epistle
Just in case you don’t, I want to pen it down that I’m talking about pornography and self using

[Arrh…..Jezz Solomon you mean your into that shit?]

Yes Dear Diary
Beneath this white garment is the valley of DIRT
I’ve been living and struggling with it for quite a while

This Line may not be new to you but I’ll use it
“Strange Love it was”

Got to a point all I could see or thinK of  was Cloud nine and She Wolf’s Nudity

Where has it got me thus far?
“Spilling innocent White Blood” of a truth

The other day I Met this pretty chap
Jessica is her “Juma pelle”
Tried wooing her but to no avail
So I substituted her for my arms yet again has I visualized us in bed
You know what
I never tried talking to her

Diary I’m aware that the poetry within this piece has been modified
It’s irregular from what you are accustomed to
I intended writing you a poem dear
Instead you got this
I also need you to understand that I’m not Perfect,
Don’t get a misconception
That is not my Excuse for commission
How Ever I’m working towards perfection
Now that I Got Jesus it can only get better


[ Research shows that Masturbation and Pornography is very common amongst Pre-Teenagers, Teenagers, and the Youths.]

©Noble Dee Truth 2014
All rights Reserved.


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