I met an angel


On this very day
Of roses and sunflowers
Sending their sweet melodies in the air
With their magical perfumes
All over the blue sky
I met an angel

I met a special angel
I met an angel of light
An angel of beauty adorned
Her sculpture caved hips
Red unlipsticked lips
And her oiled blonde hair
Shone like a virgin pure gold

She spoke with a voice not of humans
So soft were her words
And the linen she wore
Brightened the very path I walked
Although she had no wings
To be like a mooning angel
Yet traits can be voluminous than
The threads for a weaving art

She is an angel
An angel she is
She is a human angel
A huge ball of air
Breezing this day
With sparkles of admiration

On tree tops came the whispers of birds
On tip of petals came cheers of butterflies
Under spell of nectars came melodies of bees
All filling the atmosphere
With her name….
And of her enchanted fragrance
O’ such an angel I met today
Under the fanning tree of beautiful dreams

The Village Thinker © 2014


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