In and Out


Just as we are in,
we shall be out
Never shall we be conserved in forever
But how do we get in,
why do we get out?
Why do we get in,
how do we get out?
I question it all day as we bereaving the people who radiates life to hay
They came they are gone but why?
So we come then go but thou…..only God knoweth
)srane to k) a na owia apue aba
Y3de y3n ho santran ba a na yab3di ntutusie ak)

Ampa y3n aba am3ky3wa
Y3n aba wusihunu krom na y3n rek) nkab)nnoaso
Asetena yi y3 twamhy3n paa
Y3sim a y3nkra,y3soe3 nso a y3nky3
Y3rek)foro nkwa bep) no na y3resane ab3n damoa
Ebi resi no na ebi reforo
Obi de3 aba obi de3 nam kwan so
Efunu b3y3de3n na 3nk) amena mu
Just a natural cycle of life
Our biological clock is thicking though
And our minutes are hastening to their end.

Asaase Yaa © 2014

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