We are coming


We might be products of your thoughts
We got tap roots headed for the earth’s core and
We got philosophies of our own too  backed up in our genetic make up
Red blood, yellow sun, Black skin, Beauties, norms, virtues……. name them

Surrender! – no
Coming? – yes
Bullets? – we got ’em
Ain’t nothing stopping us now
We are coming

Conceived and now weaved in threads of illumination
We grow and also get elated not because you starved, maimed, denied and suppressed us but because we are coming
Coming to lay claim to all you’ve stolen under the guise of birthing your religion in our lands and facing out the one we already got which is cool, only that you got your stomach in mind
Your cup’s content is at it’s apex
We are coming

Walk – we run
Run – we fly
Fly – we soar higher
Ain’t nothing stopping us now
We are coming

We are more than and better than what you can ever think of or say.
We are determined, resilient, bold and proud
We are coming


©Noble Dee Truth

Noble Dee Truth is one of the fastest rising multi-talented young personality on the shores of Nigeria and West Africa. His keen interest in art particularly poetry and music is simply amazing. His poetry is very relating as he uses logically and socially happenings to ink from a thoughtful soul. He has been named as one of the “eyes of poetry” on the shores. Aside being a poet and musician, he is also a guitarist and a blogger.
He blogs atNoble Dee’s Blog and on facebook as. Afiakurue Noble Daniel Fridan


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