Mey3 Asanteni


Mey3 Asanteni
From the lineage of Osei Tutu the first
Truimph over the shades of night
Dayspring from on high be near
Daystar in my heart appear whenever l hear your voice so dear
And this is you Osei Tutu the first.
)seb) ho)denfo) a )de tete nyansahoma nwene me hy3br3 ne nkrabea hy33 atanfo aniwuo san ma w)n tirim p) dane faa w)n so
Yei nti, )yoko abusua b3k)so adi ahurisi w)n apakan mu
Na w)n a w)t)nn w)n nkyiri animuonyam b3k)so ada ahwe pimpim atik)
Pimpim a )faa w)n asaase sesa maa w)n bere3 takra twer33 w)n abak)s3m ber3a waboboro sei twom

Mey3 Asanteni
W)woo me da Asaase Yaa rehim nesisi w) Bosomtwe s3 3d3 ahy3ne ma Anokye ho
W) Denkyirafo) twatiatwa ho s3 w)kaa nnanaas3m s3 nkoa, ad)nk) ne nfena na 3yi Sikadwa 3firi soro de nkabom ne baakoy3 baa y3n akoma mu ho apay3
Forth in thy name O Asante l go
Thee…only thee result to known in all l think or speak or do
Ayan! Mekyer3 tweneka 3bobom nso a dinn kwan so te s3 ahum ne aham b) dwa fr3 ahemfo nkron no hyia Nana Osei tutu a )dikan nan ase pro w)n dw33dw33wa ka w)n nkatede3 mu ka b)reb)re a nni awie3 w) afihwam.

Mey3 Asanteni
I am the one Okomfo Anokye commanded the Golden Stool for
Oh yes! l am the one
And it is my land that he lived on
Okomfo anokye was my friend
Mesita di asa ber3 a w)regoro asafo s3de3 w)to yampea no na 3ne s3de3 w)to tuoaboba firi y3n akyi mm) abira
Fredrick Mitchelle Hugdson a )gyidi s3 mmoa nnwan b3tumi adi oguama anim ak) adidibea owuo damoa hu kot)k) akofo) a ne ho po kyeky3kyeky3
3y3 na nkor)fo) se mekyer3 me ho
Nanso menkyer3 me ho mabodin nti
Tie nno)ma a me w) no bi
Me w) Sikafuturo,Sikadwa Kofi nso w) me Na wh3 Bonwire Kente, Kwae3birentuo ne Nhwiren f33f3 atwa me ho ahyia wo a anka wo ti nna wo k)n so
Ma me nsi ha na wani ammere me
Bosompo! Bosompo! Bosompo
Bosompp b)e3 a )b) b3too aboba
)sei Asibe Beremp)n ee..Asuo bi ky3ne po?
Mey3 Asanteni, menim wo, meni wo koraa nti wo y3 whan?

© Bilobi Delphina Jentina (Asaase Yaa)

Asaase Yaa is one of the finest poetess in Ghana. Though she is young, she uses traditionally African unique values to tell in the purest form true poetic lines. She is an Asante and has a lot of her works published and read across many media outlet in Kumasi the capital of Asante Region in Ghana. She is ready to serve you chilled traditional poetry brewed from the palm at dawn.
On facebook she is Bilobi Jentina Delphina


3 thoughts on “Mey3 Asanteni

  1. This piece is so culturally and relatively dynamic. I say the poetess wove this piece from a deeper reflection of truly Ghanaian and Asante culture.
    Kudos to you #AsaaseYaa and am expecting more of this…..

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