Battle of defeat


When we are so sad, desperate, boring and frustrated about the unachieved dreams and aspirations in life
Then comes the beacon of hope sitting at the apex of an ant hill
Surmounting the hidden treasures of hope comes the dexterity of unforseen circumstances

It shall be well
The great arm band of our optimistic ancestors
Bowing to failure put the shadow of aspirations at an impecable distance
As the crow flies
Vim, vim
Like the sergeant of the first, second and third battle of the gods
Defeat is unacceptable

Pertaining to the misfortunes in life
Never and never accept defeat in life
Tactically retreat the inevitable
Listen to the inner souls territory and there you will see that the word defeat never comes to play
Listen to the inner you
Look through the microscopic parmeters of reality,
defeat is simply a rare phenomenon

The accession of decisions comes to a boisterous effect,
infusing the traits perseverance to catapult the burning desires
Of the inner you
With the implicity of the implicit,
applicable and great minds of our forefathers,
speaks the thought of the ancestors
Sayings of hope, and spiritual fortification
”No matter the magnitude of misfortunes, the lion will never eat grass”
Ko ko kan (fight to the test ahead)

© Newnature 2014
(Gabriel Arthur )


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