Honour Of The Palace Calabash


As the raging dogs bark
As the intricity of palace gadgets fades out
As the rays of the scorching sun of Africa flies over the crowns of prestigious figures
Then comes the unflinching benefit attributes of the
Undoubtful, indisputable and the sweet fragrance of nature,
Unveiling the honour of the palace calabash

The ever taste quenching undrinkable water that is only drinked by real-men
The heavy weight waters of nature which emerges as the product of the undefeated fellow
The undefeated fellow that we call palm tree
The only creature that stands heavy unstandable storms, unfavorable atmospheric environment and weather conditions
The only creature that stands the strength of the monsterous animal when it leans on it
All bow in honour of the palace

Loyal mouth pours
O’ royal-palace calabash
Your honour, prestige and pride can never be underestimated
The clear, cleansed and purified hands of our great forefathers held it with diligence and much respect
They talked with courage as in your heart
Which they drink gave them the ideas to think the unthinkable

A palace without a calabash lacks true African imperial instinct
A palace without a calabash is palaceless, uninhabited, barren and purposeless
Let the cowries be cast at the shrine
So let drinking and giving the sacred water of nature to our ancestors and forefathers
Emerge from the deep soul of the calabash

From the epicenter of ancient palace
Lies the singular honour of calabash,
A great piece of ancestral creativity and wonder
The great hands, minds and mouths of great kings and queens
Osei Tutu, Shaka Zulu, Yaa Asantewa and the likes were flourished with the ancient stench of the palace calabash

Yes the honour of the imperials
In this deep day of pouring libation
From the heart of the calabash Pray I from the libation ground
That African palace calabash thrives forever
Till the dawn of human existence never rolls over

© Newnature 2014

Newnature is one of the fastest young rising poets in Ghana. His poems attack minds, rips hearts and tears them into boundless pieces of evoking thoughts and traditional indoctrination of the reader. He is a member of THE VILLAGE THINKERS (collective minded young people from the heart of villages in Ghana). He is one of the few finest young poets to be so profound in Traditional African values thus his writing angle.
He is on facebook as Gabriel Arthur


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