WHEN WISDOM DRIES: The Misunderstood African Tale


Wisdom is like a  calabash under the test of the sun—In it absolute seeking blade, the wilder it goes, the sharper it becomes when speaking hymns to a sharpening stone. I talk of wisdom not from a perforated sideline of babbling ink under the tongue of white man. I talk of wisdom which is deeply seated at the heart of wise sayings, African proverbs, and keenly interwoven lines of words from truth, and on the wheels of African values— deeply entrenched in traditional souls. 

Many attributable theories which have been put forward and under-lensed by European folks or put it in their own self-tailored diction—’scholars’ term to quote words and phrases which represents wisdom. It is so sad that many Africans since their first encounter with the white man have fed on these pre-supposed workable quotes. It is quite unfortunate that these words of wisdom by far propagated across the shores of our Africa land and having entrenched their dubious lies have eaten the true values and principles from the African.

Truth needs no double edge sword told slay, however, the wisest man needs no book on apolitical or dimensional ecology to be construe. The where Africans went wrong was when the African got rapped rapidly in mind by these white coined wisdom of superficially quotes and chapters. Thus making and inking an indelible imprint on the minds of the African that— true wisdom can be fetched  from a pool of reading innumerable European books and studying them with the right dose of concentration. Yes and indeed, that would mean the African must strive by books and widely written pieces by these white folks to grow in the deeper circles of wisdom like them.


I have for many reasons based on the true source or where wisdom really emanates— as a case of true spirituality discontented with many propounded theories or quotes of European nature justifying wisdom as unfounded. The worst form of slavery ever to be artificially modelled and injected into humanity, particularly, the African is what Africans read as written or copyrighted by Europeans. I know very well educated folks who by means of academic credentials, dispute and in chronic disagree with me that— the first attributation is the ‘bible’. This piece I write from the deep pitched night of my village thoughts is not meant to be consumed by people or individuals who by virtue of their knowing have been bitten and stung by the wasp of Europeanism or Eurocentric ideals. Instead, it is a whole woven tale to express a deeper reflection of what ought be killing many of our dear Africans.

In our traditional system and African doctrines, wisdom share a relative inseparable relationship with ‘wise’. The wisdom of the old of Africa, which dates beyond dating and timing, was a kind brewed from a divinely conscious mind. This wisdom was what defined Africa and Africans as embodiment of modern day history. It was a kind of wisdom which shares a prospective ideological function for both governance and administration. When the gong beats, and drums from the palace summon the people, the chief through his tongue, “Okyeame” as in Akan—Linguist could be heard in special sayings of purely interlaced wisdom. This wisdom was what defined the best part of the African. 

I know very well that times have change, and as such the world is on a thousand fold of metamorphosis, which modernity and crude mentality of the western world is on a rise to dwarf Africa for so long as the world has not taken the pool of melt, fire, water or God’s coming. It is in this light of this so called global widespread transformation and infestation that— Africans must be prepared to sip from the calabash of the old, wherein dwells true wisdom. The western world has become too infectious on our land and have capitalised on our soft-underbellies in our areas of political,  economical, social, religious and cultural, to undermine us. Our African traditional values, principles and customary dispensation are the very key foundation to unlocking this long secret of black mail on the African  minds.

Written by: Nana Arhin Tsiwah—The Village Thinker
(5/08/14, under a palm tree)

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