The Curse Myth


Many theories have been propounded by some people to support racial issues. Sometimes my eyes glisten with tears when I contemplate on the narrow-mindedness of mortals. Racial issues haveled many astray.

As whites think that they are superior to all other races, blacks on the other hand think they have been cursed by nature. Some whites have put forth many theories to enhance their superiority and to justify their treatment of “dark-skin”. Among such theories is the “Curse Myth”—a theory which states that black people are forever cursed to be poor. Blacks being ignorant of their stance in nature blame God for that.

Now, Iwant to ask both parties, how many of you have been able to create human? The world have witnessed many great inventions but I believe all will concede that none has been able to create a living being, whether black or white, brown or even yellow! If that is so, then how dare mortals question the handi-works of the Most High? Can’t we appreciate God’s creation and might?

Who can stand the rage of the Most High by looking down upon his fellow man? Is it that mortals are just ignorant of what they do? Aside that— whites use the Bible to justify their superiority based on a misunderstanding of Genesis 9:25 where Noah is quoted as saying, “cursed be Canaan. Let him become the lowest slave to his brothers”.
This says nothing about skin colour!! The curse was directed at Canaan, the first-born of Ham.

Now, the simple question is, are Africans the descendents of Canaan? Probably NO!Canaan’s descendent are the lighter-skinned people living in the east of the Mediterranean sea who later came under divine judgement. All people scattered throughout the world came from one person. Why then do whites define blacks in disgusting ways just because of colour!!? Whites can use their skin colour, achievements and living conditions as basis to look down upon blacks, but has any of them found a remedy to the devasting finality of life? The obvious is rhetoric. Then, I dare say all human ambitions are vanity in the face of DEATH!!!

It’s therefore important for us to understand that variety is the spice of life. Let’s put away all misanthropic views and love one another as ourselves. All humans are reflections of God’s beauty and glory. Human worth is not based on possession, achievements, physical attractiveness or public acclaim. Instead it is based on being God’s own IMAGE!!

Written by: Eunice Oppong Hilary. A passionate teenage young feminist, writer and poet in Sunyani-Ghana.
On facebook she is Oppong Hilary Eunice.

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