Parrotic Demagogue


Place these sedentary aides to these lines
—Audio labeled intelligence
From the future I see a feature;
Worlds where nature would change to datum—

Place this line along the others
—But think no deeper beyond what I see
From hence I speak not to lure you;
Cast dust I fetched to daze you—

What are the nature of your grievances
—That I would not see through to salvage?
What need coil you around the nerve—
That I would feel not to hold to finding lasting salvation?

Just sing my praise;
Simply sing me a praise
—That I would see the prophesies of solutions
Sing, and chant me at the rally—

Parrot in the mind’s temple
—Quaffing minds on words of no proportionate dimension.
I am here with you: even through the storms!

The Village Thinker © 2014


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