Poetic Anthem


—Metaphor blowing the half me
Personification holding me down in ink
—Simile thrust my wilderness
And a stream of hyperbolic conundrum licking me

—But while euphemism looks at me strangely
I asked pun not to be jealous
—As if a third party witness in a law court
Paradox winks me to sturdy

And you,
—Hey! Mr. Irony,
Did satire and provocation abort you?
—A conviction to feast on imageries drives me crazy

But what is the point,
—If I make sacrifices of my ink
Without a diction so easy to discern?
—And emotions too ironical to beat threads of hearts?

Poetic justice:
—A concordant adaptability of elegy and dirge
Wherefore, I stand to serve
—It should be in an African calabash

The Village Thinker © 2014


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