Introducing: The Tale Bearer


The Chosen ‘One’ : Tale Bearer

There was a vapour
I read from the the deep of the sky
As I sat under the big mahogany tree
My mind came to a still
At the crossroads of the junction to the shrine
In there I saw a fire in pot
The priest begun chanting hymns
I knew it was a call to service
That night I saw myself embedded
In the pool of ancestral abbreviation

The incantation ended on a soul
The gods said he bears their tales
The ancestors said he bears their wisdom
As the light dims not
The breeze from the shrine chilled me
Lifeless bones to be restored
Mindless heads to be filled
Souless souls to be filled
As he pours his sage ink
From true words of the old
His apparel smelling of pure traditional consciousness
And rod of ink stuck in the pool of values
He kills ideal minds with words of wisdom
And don’t just deem him a merely wordplayer
Far from pun and euphemism
The tale bearer is the heart of the gods
To redefine minds of Africans
Through the pragmatic application of
spiritual, old and wise tales of the ages

The Village Thinker © 2014

Note: The tale bearer is a family member of THE VILLAGE THINKERS (A collective minded village dwellers from Ghana who believe in the values of culture and traditionalism)
He blogs at
and on facebook he is Robby Osei


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