The cry of ancestors

So the gong of the ancestors beats…


We weep
We weep greatly, reflecting back to our days of existence
We weep
Such a rich, glamorous and intriguing moments of our time
We weep
The period of hope, determination and perseverance to move on with life
The period of courageous instinct, enthusiasm, vim and the zeal to fight for our land, with brave minds and heart

Our generation why ?
Look back to our days and there you will see Agya Ahor, Yaa Asantewa, Kwame Nkrumah, Nelson Mandela and the likes who stood firm for our land
We weep
Our souls are greatly soar vexed
Why? Our generation
Didn’t we left a complete legacy? Or are the laws status and virtues we formulated too cumbersome

We weep day-in and out your era is characterized by devastating events
Our prestigious cultural heritage is now in disarray
Why have you turn a deaf ear to our cry?
You have forged your way out our rich cultural heritage, taking custody of the impunity of the foreign world.

We weep
You claim you have a God greater than ours,but you have putting on the armor this global village
Why? Our generation

Sankofa y3nkyir
Look back to our old positive and distinguished ways and pick up the pieces of courage, braveness, determination and moral uprightness together and there you will unleash the burning desires in you
And there you will say that;
Abibiman y3 wo adze a oye

All copyrites reserved © newnature 2014_Gabriel Arthur


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