Introducing: ‘The Haymaker’


‘The Haymaker’


A village soul on a quest
A thousand being interwoven in a single bleat
Words singing hymns on a crows feather in smiling ink
Feeding minds on a conscious inky word play
His words blow minds and set emotions on evoking flames
The eyes of an ink flowing gently in meanders of the mind
Moons dancing salsa to the stars on the heart
Thy work wonder feast, beseechibg inks of fleet
You ink from the chronometers of ‘adowa’, ‘kete’ and ‘borborbo’
A priceless poet
A poetic combatant
A poetic magnet
your fields arouses
The mind unto it feet of ponder to reason


Your ink is as fresh as the virgin dew
You pour out thine ink like a smooth palm wine
Your ink are just as powerful as the breast milk of an Egyptian goddess of love
Power flows in the words of an artistic romanticism
Your words, are like a healing contagion
Like the potion of an Ethiopian goddess of seduction
Words ignited in the eye of the village
And from the warmth of the village clouds
With a spring of wishes in their harmony
You are just the raw inky wink
Of a heavy wind from the mouth of Perseus
The gods have spoken
The shrine have vowed
And the people bowed
They are ready to see the light in you
I pray you ink to the tale
minds are ready
And hearts set for the course
Give us the renewed spirit
Of hopes and inspiration embedded
In the scrollbars of your words

The Village Thinker © 2014

‘The Haymaker’ is a poetic rod from the heart of the Village. His family is ‘THE VILLAGE THINKERS’ and blogs at
On facebook, he is Nanabayin Asaam…..


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