Takoradi Poetry Club Presents


Brief Insight On Takoradi

Tokradi is a beautiful city in the western part of Ghana. It is a city which dates it root at the deeper side of our history.
Even long before the arrival of the whiteman, unto our shores, Takoradi— the city which sits along the coast in the west had already been born.

Surprisingly, there is one enchanting thing about this city, which to a farther extent attracted the love and eyes of Governor Gordon Guggisberg— the British Governor who unilaterally, made certain effective under the 1925 Guggisberg Constitution. Thus, the shift in terms of longing to enlarge the confines the city.

The city which has unique semblance with her twin, Sekondi, has a special force with it dynamic and literary functions. The once Gold Coast and Ghana’s pride of importing and exporting—shipping at the habour until Tema habour through the ideals of Kwame Nkrumah, still has largest cape view in mind. The central business department, coupled with its fishing prominence is one of a kind.

The more one gets to the deeper reveal of Takoradi, the more inseparable one becomes with her true friendly nature and adaptability. One would say, to get more along with the ‘traditions’ of Takoradi, then one must be prepared and willing— to be enthusiastically intoxicated with the stylish, beautiful and dramatically polished accent of a unique “Fante” dialect.

The maiden edition of “SPOKEN REASONS” is yet to unravel it gold in Takoradi at the Chardonnay Pub, right at the centre of the city.
It features with it, poetry, spoken word, and live music performances. The programme is set to kick off at 7pm.
Its absolutely free!!


The Power In Poetry

Poetry is golden
It is like silence
When ink flows in pureness
Then magnitude of emotions are emitted

Poetry is wisdom
It is a powerful adage
When ink gets spitted
Then millions of knowledge are shared

Poetry is life
It is like breathe
When ink gets painted
Then the soul of a lost being is restored

I speak to minds
And tongues gets unfolded
Then the magic in words are set in flames
So let ears listen and hearts embrace

The Village Thinker © 2014


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