Shameful Role Models

_Shameful Role Models_


And they sit up there—
dressed in suit and looking sleek
and they look at the commoner
with a whole bile eyes,
as if the latter is a piece of smoke from the pipe—

each day is a lesson lecture for us
yesterday, we were told to learn from their good books
today, they are asking us to ink our feathers in their colours
but their eyes looks random on
to guide us to our feet unto the feat—

You have this log in the deep of your eyes
you question my negligence
and taunts me for my ignorance
but you hide in the wild bulletin
to let your rot milk the house
eastward winds are shaming
whiles banana peels are whimpering
but a pot of the dark,
won’t be the sage for the charcoal

awkward society—
mangled by manglers—
who is the eye that we hapless youth might see through?
can the sage deem the sage a while?
can the white ever harmonise with black?
teach we good—
but practice no vice—
rot bloated in the eye of public admiration
but your tales in the half mirror is under firing critique—
I am the commoner—
and ye are the echelons!—
first classics of windowing the knowing—

The Village Thinker © 2014


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