When Literature Gets Shorter

Brevity in basket¶¶¶


When poetry gets shorter
As the limbs of words fly
Brevity shortened to memory
The light in the mind flamed
There is nothing powerful
When such poetic words strike
Bleeding minds and bonding souls
The spirits elevated to soar
Imageries painted deep
With dunes of metaphor peep
On the sleeves of emotions
Thou lighted the minds love
As poetic glues the white soul
Through a lifelong journey of consciousness

The Village Thinker © 2014

Thus sayeth the lines of brevity in basket.
Daily, waking to the call of life, poetry becomes a miracle tree of the old to the young. There is something strange about poetic accords. Where the love of poets rains the gold of words. But metaphorically, a truce laudable wishes to infoeducate.

Children see poetry as a tale but their minds read them as memory would call them. When poetry gets shorter, then the road to the minds of the next generation becomes a household wonder for young minds of reading to be nurtured and put on the trails of suspense as the evoking side gets renewed for the revolution of the mind.

There is a thousand miles journey of the mind through a concord control of concise to merge. However, the wide gate of the mind to memories extends in brevity. Here in Africa/Ghana, there is no magic to spell bound infant and young readership. The urban based is at some bane relieved to the dorms of a growing literacy through libraries and internet based facilitatations. But the.mind of the young one in the remote area or rural based is at the left wing of behind-despite, the winds of globalisation.

Having lived my entire years in the realms of the village, I know how cumbrous it becomes for people getting around with basic alpha-numerics in the villages. A growing spectrum of piled low illiteracy rate, the rural folk is at the punching side of losing interest in long stretches of literary materials. Then troop in the willy trickle of the growing canker of the minds decadence- as no material set good precedent to illuminate the road towards lifelong knowledge acquisition.

In respect of this, a class of young second year Junior High School pupils age, between 12-15 in one of the rural areas in Ghana, have embarked on brevity to essence project which falls under their label, “ASHIGI LOVERS” to produce one stanza of four lines poetry project to educate and inform readers about what relates to their thoughts and ideas.
Under the name, 70 MINUTES JOURNEY (Anthology of Ashigi Lovers) which is 70 poems collection by these young Village pupils is sure a journey every mind and soul must find time to read under the spectacles of The Village Thinker….

“Ashigi” is a locally made toffee, produced from the blend of dried coconut and the water drained and cooked in a hot pot with sugar. The gradual boiling would make the substance turn brown, which is later cooled and cut into various desirable shapes and sizes for consumption.

**The Village Thinker**

Poem title: Our world

The world is a big palace
The stage gets lighted up
The big drums beat to signal
Our world is full of blues
(By: Marvin Kyei Baffour)

One of the poets in the upcoming poetry book
70 Minutes Journey: Poems
(Anthology of Ashigi Lovers)
It is a 70 minutes read
yet deeper sentiments filled with passion and mind boggling from young poets in Junior High School.

…..breeding poetic elements of Poematicians….


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