Aoidè Prex Precis

¶¶~~ Aoidè prex precis ~~¶¶


thou holdeth me along;
inside thy winds,
round round route moveth.
frictions of a heritable arm;
bellows index of a mind,
round round entoute maketh.

on the logs of snows;
in the bile of flow,
mixed mixed to soft are dews.
slave of the tearing eyesight;
string of the flowing river light,
mixed mixed to blow low.

on cloud sheets we met;
twined by a twilight mystique,
glow glow wild to illumination.
white light clads you nigh;
glimpses of the fading mystic;
glow glow wide to light.

in tales I seek fortification;
that theater lights should kudos,
rain rain to grow me.
lay hands on me for sanctification;
that stage lights should wow,
rain rain to grow vows.

spirit on light rails;
take heart to contagium,
wake to wake thee light of yonder.
whirls of wind come to me;
kindred life of mortal,
wake to wake thee night wonder.

The Village Thinker © 2014
All copyright reserved.


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