The Market Panorama


The Market Panorama

Busily, the feet were seen moving from one end to the other

Voices loud and quiet heard flying like kites

Language speaking on tongues of diversion

Human beings moving in lines of dispersion

Shouts mixed with noise as it is beautifully as it is pounded on the lips

For the cock has just herald the morning for another market thrill


Scenes of human wants chasing their

Respective scale of preferences via prioritization

Those who dreamed from their beds for customers looked on apt

So as not to miss even a fly of luck passing by

They are in their multitudes spread across the length of the market

And I seek to ask whether the five loaves and two fishes could have feed these.

Humanity spread across board

Whilst some sat catching the glimpse of buyers

Others too in hurry were seen walking to nearby buying centres

Women chasing cars from the villages

Men ringing bells of seducing alien buyers

All with the reason of meeting the goal of economics seated at the abyss of market.


Beautiful people moving all over in their sweat

As the sun gave them a befitting bath

‘Kayayos’ and cart pushers also seen having a fair share of the moment

Those who shouted to the tune of, “buy-one, get-one free”

Were in their numbers like the emergency siren crying out on top of an ambulance

Africa is beautiful, so is her gateway Ghana

‘Bend down’ boutique particularly was seen idolizing herself at every corner possible

Marketers with or without formal market education

Could also be seen pushing their strategies to the selling field

Simply to win the heart and minds of eager buyers

This is Africa for you

A place where no ‘bookishism’ is needed to succeed in wooing buyers

That is how we do it……



One after the other

They queue in long lines to go about their reasons for been around

Some could be seen moving around and about to reasons best known to themselves

Others too were there just to fantasy their world of goes on here

Some, you could read from their faces the desire to gossip after departing from here

Vehicles do get stuck in traffic and that at times becomes worrisome

But I knew human traffic was as worrying as this

Human traffic could be seen all over

With thousand mouths producing their own rhythmic talkative lyrics


To see the true beauty of our Africa

Then I pray you visit her market to see her revealing magnificent

Colours of rainbow spattered all over

Beautiful colours mixed in an African studio of a market

Black, white, yellow, red, green and blue all ushered in

There you could also see aquamarine, magenta, indigo, purple and mauve

Orange, damask, brown, pink et al

Could all be seen hoping from one angle to another

This is indeed an arena of no racial pride and discrimation

For they were all in a harmonious courtship with the law of the rainbow


Lanes drawn on purpose with each other symbolizing their mission

One lane had the registry of tomatoes, peppers, garden eggs, and spices

Others too with their badge of ‘Obroniwewu’

How wonderful it is to also see Chief ‘kako’ and Okyeame ‘koobi’ sharing in the order

Many lanes visioning assorted commodities

With loud tunes of

“yeess come and buy what you need oooo”

“yeess come and buy whatever you need oooo”

For soon we shall pack and abandon this market

To let her eat her silence alone

As the shadows of the night looks ready to overpower us in our stalls and stores


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