This is our world
The purchase of history with coins
The marriage of nudity with our pride
This is our world
The purchase of slavery with nothing
Quite a world of sane alluring analogy of insanity

Seasonal arrest of sensational address
The oblivious obligations
Sending the grave of darkness with bye-bye
Quite a world of lame
Piled with insanity for centuries
The black boy looks at the white world
Desiring it pleasure
An infiltration of a sane mind from the gods

Feeding thee mind of the times running
The one word simply shaming us
Where our ignorance is bleached to the line
Where is the sting which reminds the core of our brain?
I look up to the dryness of their lips
Mine drying like theirs
With just one thing beating my core
Just the one I wish could stand tall
Outshine and bring the gentleman-like us
The one-word-on-one
The African fashioned in the blood of Africa

The Village Thinker © 2014


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