Tunel Of Tamed Minds

Tunnel of tamed minds


Traditions torn apart on simple terms
Of something they claim is scientific
Weaving theories of fiction
And colliding our thoughts into collapse of
Of a physics washing ours as superstition
Paring and plying mind theme into
A world where theirs is only true and pure
Whilst ours is felt on the tongue of oral traditions
They claim that is futile, and useless
Unless it is proven in what they are hypothesized as theories.

Ashes burn into sour taste
Bitter lessons all written on the scrolls of our tamed minds
Whirls steming us to calling ours demonic and doom
But what is so true and pure
About invention when innocent souls
Are killed on death traps and lethals?

They claim our proportion is measured on more fiction
And traits blown on mere cynicism
But what of the adages of our heritage
Which brews of a clue they are not conscious of?
The bitter lie they’ve made us to believe
Heaping our thoughts into thin lines
Of wireless-cordless summation of encaged winks.

Streching into a daymare leakage
Are beliefs that our customs
Values, traditions and traits
Are sampled on a singular word
And we are made to believe
That to adhere to traditions is ‘stupidity’
In the eyes of a single book blow out of proportion
Pollution all fuming our minds
Brain washed into nothingness
Of a colour which is even a curse
Thus the pride in bleach and be fair.

Shame still ampling on the cords of this mindset
But there is one myth well to drink from
And one sign bliss enough to read from
The more gullible we appear
The more proud and supreme they find in themselves
Spirituality in the pouring of libation
Thrash to it rough shadows by
What the minds of our men and women
Have being enslaved into, syndrome christianity
Calling the aprons of Afrikanity as barbaric
To a hiding decantation of mirrage
For a kingdom which hangs in the sky of blind deceit.

The Village Thinker © 2014


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