When The Truth Gets Untold

Sipping No Lie••••


Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah in one ofhis speeches made it clear without lines of contradiction that, “many souls in Africa are perishing not because they are still mentally enslaved but because they lack a sense of patriotic consciousness and are thus deficient in their power consciencism”. Today, from the various wranglings and tato-hissing from the camp of the black stars, there is no doubt Nkrumah saw this day coming.

From the walls of the land of no return and what the ancestors are communing with me, Nkrumah could have wished for a minute to see this team he crafted as a symbolism of the lodstar of Africa gets watered by hot water. I also think for the first time, playersselected to represent this nation at football tournament must be conscientised about what constitute true nationalistic and patriotic inclination.

In any ways, I don’t think it would serve us all any good if we heap the ranks of displeasure on the victims in the black stars incident. Even the so called leaders are in the act, doing dirty games to themselves and at no mercy of this nation. As far as the progress of this nation is still lingering in the pipeline, then what more is of a common ideal of reflex on what posterity would seek from the cranes of this chimney.

People hate to be told the truth, but except the lie to hold fast to the aprons of the vaporising truth. We must thus understand that once the main foundation or reason for the coming into force of the black star is dead, these wranglings within the team would forever stir itself up periodically.

Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s vision for the black stars must not be neglected or else as he Nkrumah would put it, “dark days are looming” for it right justification and sanctification.

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