The Boy From An Afrikan Village

The boy from an African Village


Centuries can evolve and swing it spectacles
Across this hilly world of years
Technology can sprint on it toes of hypocritical madness
Whilst modernity sweeps it traits along
the beds of this lingering world
Yet let the toast of this order walk in it shadows
Of a denial against it willy conscience
And let Afrika be mocked in the dark
Of being light to fly over

O’ let Afrika look very vulnerable
And gullible in thines pre-occupied
Superimposed self crowned supremacy
The hallmark of a divine,
Spiritual and godly ordained traditions
Would forever be the symbolism of a great world which lives
At the deeper oasis of a tradition
That only divinity and creation can comprehend.

On the walls of my dreams are my Village, Afrikan values
Ghanaian traditions and inscriptions of an honorary traditional doctrine
Which speaks in thousands of tales
You can steal everything from me
Both materialistically and conduitively,
but you can never steal those principles embossed in
Indelible blood ink on my dreams
My Village remains the inspiration
My Ghana remains the root
And my Afrika remains the insignia.

The Village Thinker © 2014

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