Butterfly Lady

¶¶~~Butterfly Lady~~¶¶


She shook my heart from it breathing
Her awe set fissure across the earth of my
Deep dripping emotions
Muting my soul and buccal
why should you pass this way too,
when the heaven knows how imprisoned
I might become of her charms?
I wish you could see the torment you
heaping on my heart.

Butterfly lady
streaking along the shores of Ogua
Look what you’ve done to me?
My heart breaks each time I see you similing
Towards the south-east coast of my face
My soul weeps of love blood
whenever the fragrance around you runs
A mile into the cavity of my nassal.
O’ how I wish you can feel the tremors of your love in me.

Can’t you see the sweat beads,
dripping in it rivulets along the valleys of my
temple each time I see you?
It’s a shame the hell around my mouth
Keeps tormenting me for a perfect word
to say that can’t be fetched
But while you windly whirls
In your charming face along that footpath
Which you’ve chanced in the open field of my
Just remain unseen again
For each time your smiles flashes my eyes
The wounds you’ve bore into my soul
Keeps rotating on an axis of no cure
But how I wish you can see the emotional earthquake
you’ve ignited in my heart
O’ butterfly lady.

The Village Thinker © 2014


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