Tunes of African Proverbs

~~¶¶Tunes of African Proverbs¶¶~~


“Think not ye that ye can add water to dilute the blood of a human as that of a tortise”

“No matter the length of a lizard, it can never be an aligator”

“If you think you are clever, don’t trycheating Kwaku Ananse (Spider)”

“A sailor knows not the sea than the fish that lives in it”

“A tree of wisdom is never determined by it hairy roots”

“The chicken can play with the hawk, but they can never be friends”

“The venom of an arrow is best understood by the animal it strikes”

“It is only the sky that understands the language of the thunder”

“The vapour can fly in the sky, but it can never be as powerful as the aroma”

“It is not long ears that the gods want, but ears of unseen hearing”

“The lizard nods to the earth, yet it can’t speak to the pains the belly receives from the earth”

“The taste of kola is not seen in it colour”

The Village Thinker © 2014


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