From the tongue of the gods

From the tongue of the gods


I hold in my hands
A calabash filled with palm wine to the gods
And kola to share with the ancestors
And a thin air of love affairs
With the goddesses of this land
Which brews in itself
A defined taste on the tongue of
Traditions, values, culture
And reminding heritage.

I blow the flute from afar
To marry the hearts of the spirits
I blow the flute from afar
To sing sweet melodies to thy ears
I blow the flute from afar
To seduce your emotions into adages
I blow the flute from afar
To quench your throat of it thirst
I blow the flute from afar
To tell you in whispers what is happening in the ancestral world
I blow the flute from afar
To beat your drums of thy ears of our traditions.

The gods spoke to me in my dream
They salute your souls
They wish for your ears
To listen to the sagacious teachings in oral traditions
The gods gave me a word in my dream
They said this land needs a cure
A cure from the rot of this genetation
From a rot which has it head in the taste of modernity
The gods whistled to me my dream
They said they need your hearts
Hearts to turn things for the right.

The big ‘oyina’ riddles to me
The proverbs hanging leafless on it branches
Speaks volume of our time
The songs of incantation bracing it stems
The lyrics of traditions anchoring it roots
The showers of the dews pampering it growth
Are the ribbons saluting our ancestors
Telling wise tales from the silent land
Where the gods of this land
Sit to look at us in their beating chest
Of why we are neglecting the very things
Which holds and unites us as a people
Of the ‘Crown Royal’ Africa.

The Village Thinker © 2014


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