Same As Ever

¶¶¶ √SAME AS EVER√ ¶¶¶
To ~~(M. Turkson) & (C. Ababio)

Just the old she
She is same
The old pencil I used to know
Like the eraser from my nursury days
She hasn’t changed a bit.

Though age keeps smiling on life
And wrinkles the skin in it caress
Time flying by like a vaporising tornado
With quakes setting tremors at the core of the earth
Yet she is still same.

Like the lilacs marigolding it neck
The humour in her is as soft as a virgin smoke
Lowly and fashioned in human skins
Her traits are like white snows
It reflections anoints a skate board’s wheels.

Years passing us by
And the minute the unwholesome ones
Saying bye-bye
But she is still same
Charming and truly a companion
Heaven knows the kind of dust
She was made from
Perhaps, it is that of a heavenly craftiness.

The Village Thinker © 2014

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