Butchered by love



I feel that deep hole in my heart enlarging each day
That wound which never looks to heal
Of a pain tearing the sheets of my heart in no mercy
And the rhythms of dejection pounding me
At the core of this tender heart
Many times than I do wish for.

Love is such ungodly
Love is such unwholesome
Love is such unholy
Love is such ungrace-giving.

The more you love
The more your burden of woes increases
The more you try to better your sentiments
On an altar of purity and truth
The gradual your plights at her hands inflates
And gets heaped from it stalk.

You feel you love her to bits
But she loves someone else
She feels she loves him to the last penny
But he seem more eye glued to another
Hearts in full flights
Emotions in hurry to be sapped
Sentiments on wheels.

Mirroring the past
Recalling from history
Flashbacking to present
Look at this little chest
And observe from thine lenses
The thousand whimsicals of dying to save love
But ending on needless zero bargain.

Looking straight into the deeper valleys of her eyes
Digging deep into the ernomity hidden in her heart
I could only see,
An axe to murder
A chain-saw to spill blood
A matchete to butcher,
this tender heart in cold blood again.

Love hurts
And it bleeds profusingly
But where the pieces of your heart can’t be tailored
On the abattoir of loving to die
Then the darkness of the grave sing in solemness for a dirge.

The Village Thinker © 2014


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