Not This Time

°°°~This is not for you mothers, pardon me I HATE MOTHER’S DAY~°°°

I hate mother’s day
I simply hate mother’s day
It isn’t a sarcastic bloom
It’s a paramours gloom
Cease me for a moment
And I would cast you for a torment.

Why always mothers?
Mothers this..
Mothers that…
Why this ceremony of jingles?
Where bells are made to shingles
Of no better way to slap a face staking in pity.

Funfair for mothers they say
Why not funbay for mothers?
Society pleading for mercy
Are like damsels seeking for the eyes of Soviet
They care one heart 
What of the other?

I hate it so much
Like the munch of match
Slide the gate in you hippos
Dash the cane on you Berbers
Sting the wink out of you ironically puppets
For mothers day is surely 
A tipsy bangles on antidote of lips bite.

The day you comment
Don’t lash me
The day you rely
Don’t sting me
They day you see this 
Don’t package me 
As thought of “stupidity”
For these are my sentimental notation
Of a quotation
That reads the deep of my heart.

I seek no favour for you mothers for today
No, not just today
But tomorrow 
Or for someday
Until you mothers, kids and children of vampire kick
Eschew thy hypo “tendencical” cowardice
Embedded in your antagonistical wallowing pride-in-prison for mothers.

The Village Thinker © 2014.



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