And when a night cometh in her glory like this
I see a dark time fashioned in golden letters
I hear the gracious voices of faces which cannot be seen
I hear the melodies of the dark Angels
Sing through the voice box of Aphids and blue tail birds.

And when a night cometh like this in her royal highness
I feel the warmth of a special love
Flowing down gently in meanders
Like the flow of the morning river
I hear the voice of the branches of these cocoa trees
Greeting and bowing lowly to the roots
That anchors them deeper in the heart of Asaase Efua.

With her charm
I am not mere a mortal
With her smile
Fantasy becomes a fate to swim in
With her looks
My heart melts away in no shame
With her eyes
My blood boils beyond boiling point
With her elegance
I feel my time has come to take a walk
On planet Saturn with all her 18 moons at my feet.

When night has come like this in her dynasty
I fade in words
To express my deeper sentiments
For the beautiful dark bird singing melodiously inside her nest
I am tempted to stay still
As if heaven has descended in it glory
Seeking for whom it ought to be judged.

A night like this
Reminds me of my past and future
It’s a night that my deep walks in it pride
It’s a night that wakes my half from the dip
A night that takes the tales of my knowing aback
A night that we, they, them, ours of true love are born out of no shame
It’s a night that our thoughts are made
To swim in the sweetest of the palm wine
Tapped at dawn by this gracious village brewer whom I share a common sting
It’s a night like this where the breeze sweeps our bodies side-by-side
That the call to remember our ancestors streams the web of our minds
We cherished this gracious night
And in spite of all the world and her changes
The likes of my kind still cherishes this beautiful night at the heart of this village.



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