TOWARD AFRICA’S DEVELOPMENT: We owe our history a great deal

ImageWhat I do fear isn’t a dying people crippled all sort of ailments. In fact, the fear bury within my flaking heart of suspension is that of a dying people stampeded with the serial dooms-wreckage that their past historical dynamics is not their concern.

“People, will only get root deep in deceit if the knowledge of their history is hidden in secrecy from them”. As fore-scored by Nkrumah during his co-presidency in Guinea with Sékou Touré.

Ask the white-men and they will tell you the value of their historical anticlines and synclines to them.

As a people trying all we can to building a solid nation trending on an affirmative ground, starting from the scratch wouldn’t be a one time premium to guarantee us the break-through thoughts, but our history serving as the foundation of restructuring would bulwark us from the time wreckage and wastage.

In the light of this trending folklore, the Ghana Education Service in collaboration with the Ministry of Education must find alternative but effective modalities of restructuring the educational curricula of both the basic, second cycle and tertiary institution to make history a core(compulsory) subject for all and sundry to study.

ImageWhen this grilled idea is looked keenly at without muddying the realism behind it, we shall be at safer post to eschew the fruition of the prophetic proverbial adage by Martin Luther King Jnr. which states that, “a people without a knowledge of their history is like a try without roots”.

Not even the oceanic forces can make such rootless tree exhibit that propensity.


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