A reason to smile


I woke up this morning and looking into the mirrors of the skies
I watched pleasurably at her glowing gallant rays
The skies that walketh in her elegance indeed breeds a reason to smile and dream beyond nature’s love
There I stood still and in silence staring up the mirrors with eagerness
I saw thee in the face.

Smiling and curiously waking the deeper myths inside of me
I lay down that which was up above the clouds and saw in thees deeper reflections
That which teaches me the essence of not to excerpt from the lot
A reason to stay positive and in the weeks of thrills to stay firm and shoot that fire glowing into the silent dark nights of wishes.

I have crossed-over the pit of fantasy
I have come over the agonies of the yesterdays
I have reached out for the traits at the far end of dejection
I have seen an infusion of no disillusion
I have heard a sound that intends to heal the wounds of hurt
And a balm to walketh to wipe off the pains of the past in it massage.

The beauty of life I have seen staring gladly at me
The lows of life I have heard running helter-skelter from my feet
The glories of a new day I have seen dancing adowa with me in her charm
The beacon of hope I have seen walking me on the fairy tales of a dream that never ceases to yonder.

Today that new moon hanging up in the mirrors above the skies
Smiling broadly like the morning sun
Gives me a million reason to smile
To smile and to dream of life as not just fiction
But a proposed fate to commission and envision
The rhythms of the heart.

“The Village Thinker”


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