ImageAn ongoing discussion on Facebook streamed me to post this here. Certain people who are politically and ideologically attached to the CPP do claim it is impossible or put it, it is not wholly to love Kwame Nkrumah and hate his CPP. In fact, I am not a political cohort neither politically sentimental to any group, but as a consumer and a post-producer of things worth discussion, I write to state my personal opinionation regarding this issue trending here and about.

First, as a budding Nkrumahist and Pan-Afrikanist, I think without any obsession that in actual fact, it is ever possible for one to love Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and hate his CPP.

ImageI could ever cherish Nkrumah based on what I have heard and read about him, be it, his own works he wrote or the works of others about him.
Nkrumah to me is an “influence” and a “spell” that leaves one to be buried and hidden in his entirety.

Nkrumah goes beyond mere political entity. Nkrumah is a “human-god” thus a dime of him is what makes CPP. Nkrumah’s head is a “Field-of-Knowledge”, that is, relevant for now, tomorrow and the future.
Comparing Nkrumah with CPP is like Comparing Nkrumah with his writings alone thus negating his spiritual and physical embodiment.
ImageI love Nkrumah as an unalloyed based on his “totality”, and not just a simplification of his fragment the (CPP). Nkrumah is like a community and a society. He is a river that people fish in it to get fishes of knowledge, ideals, principles, philosophies and doctrines. As President Robert Mugabe and he would tell you in plain words that, the man Nkrumah is a “Human-Saintly”.

Nkrumahism is culture
Nkrumahis is tradition
And Nkrumah is totality.









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