Every week, I take a wanton stand to tell the entire nation, continent and the world about some of the wonderful young personalities in Ghana who are doing tremendously well in their chosen field(s) or career(s).

In the previous week we walked into the profile of one of Ghana’s fastest rising female creative writer, teacher and poet AMOAFOWA SEFA CECILIA.

This week we are taken a closer look at and a reveal of what embodies one of Ghana’s talk about and finest Poet and Creative Writer, KINGSLEY KOJO ANTWI.





Antwi Kingsley Kojowas born in Kumasi on July 1990 popularly known in the poetry circle as “Kojo Poet”, a an old student of Koforidua Senior High School and pursuing a degree programme in Information Technology at the Kumasi Campus of the University of Education, Winneba.

The mouth of the walking skies had it that, his talent in Poetry was further nourished by the help of a female friend. He then tried to write not just poems but movie scripts as well and all these were a success.

He has being hosted on several radio stations in Ghana and been in three regional radio stations namely; Yfm at the heart of the Capital, Nkwa fm in Assin Foso and Kapital radio in the Capital of Ghana’s Garden City.

Kojo Poet has written over two hunderd poems, and five stories adapted into movies. He has uploaded four spoken word videos on Youtube, and did a stint work for double the movies international.

He is a member of an International poetry group called Poetry Soup, a Co-founder and CEO of 41 Dreams Poetry Nation (a group which believes poetry is a divine art) and a member of Poets and Writers in Kumasi, a group of poets and writers based in Ghana.


Kojo Antwi is an inspirational poet who carries with him a lot of inspiration. As a result of his inspirational poetry writing potential, he was in 2013 honoured in Philippines as “International Inspirational Poet”.

Kojo Poet is defined by many simple philosophies and passion. He sees pasrion as, “passion defines who one is and should never be compromised. Doing what you love to do is the best duty one can have in the world.”

The Poet and Friend Show is a social media innovation where “Kojo Poet” interviews his friends on facebook. The poet believes that his friends helped him to be where he is today so the best he can do is to know them personally through these interviews.

Through the Poet and Friend Show, he has interviewed and bring to limelight some fine poets. He has interviewed one of Nigeria’s finest poet Michael Bassey Johnson, and other young Ghanaian fine poets including Savior Dufie Boakye.

Kingsley Kojo Poet is simply a Gem given to our motherland (Ghana) and continent (Afrika). It is however a privilege profiling this tremendous young Ghanaian, because I believe that there the Ghanaian youth when given the needed boost can rise to the task and prove his or her mettle.



On this note, I say kudos to you Kingsley Kojo Antwi_”Kojo Poet” and keep on doing what you are good at because above the sky lieth other side of fate.


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