Tourism as simply defined by the popular social studies standard for Basic schools as, travelling to see, enjoy facilities and sceneries in other places. Where as sceneries runs into the wonders of nature as well as man-made monuments which is attractive or pleasant to the sight. Some of the tourism sites in Ghana are; the Elmina castle, Fort Orange, Cape Coast castle, Fort Anomabo, Forth St. Sabastain, James Fort, Kakum National Park, Digya National Park, Mole National Park, Bui National Park, Kogyae Game Reserve, Wlifalls, Botifalls, Kintampo falls, Laranbaga Mosque, Paga Crocodile Pond, Accra and Kumasi Zoological Gardens and so on.

The tourism industry in Ghana has come a long way which can date down the era of colonialism through pre and post-independence. The tourism industry over the years has been a greater force in cushioning our economic purse thus the forth exchange earner.

Many are the very simple reasons why most people do not go on tour to different places. Couple amongst them are; indeaquate financial resources, lack of appreciation for beauty and value for leisure, inadequate information and poor advertisement. These reasons however small they are have dealt heavy blows to the exploits of our tourirm industry as a nation.

The economic benefits of the tourism industry to our national aspirations can never be underestimated.
Employment to the citizenry, revenue to the government of the day, foreign exchange earnings, income to improve upon the standard of living of the populace working in this industry and diversification of our economical gains are some of the paramount benefits our nation derives from tourism.

It is however sad to note that, despite all these inmeasureable gains we get from tourism as a nation, we have not being able to utilise the means available to us to our full merit with regards to this rich fetching “gold mines” in this industry.

Poor advertisement about the tourist sites is one major setback that has considerably dwindle and dwarfed our efforts to boost the enthusiasm of both local and foreign tourists. Our media outlets both print and electronic have not being able to spread out their wings to cover the publication and broadcast of these beautiful and wonderful sites here in Ghana.

Under-resourcing of the Ghana Tourist Board is also another crippling factor worth noting. The government by it mandate has not being able to resource the Ghana Tourist Board to it full operating capacity. Basically retooling efforts in terms of capital and human resource of the Board have not being achieved.

Moreover, the individual locally is also guilty by not patronising these tourist sites. Many a people of our Ghanaian population don not appreciate and admire the wonders of nature. Due to this they donot travel to these places to witness what nature has done for us as a nation. They also see no need to value leisure thus culminating into this effect.

The government, the individuals and the various media houses have a duty to play in ensuring that the tourism industry is promoted and sustained for today’s generation and generations unborn.

To this, the media must make all wanton efforts in bringing these tourism sites of ours to the limelight through publications. The government must also support the Tourist Board with all that it needs for it operations. In addition, the individual Ghanaian citizen must rivive the spirit of patriotism in patronaging our tourist sites. Premium must be placed on the appreciation of beauty and value leisure by the Ghanaian. When all these is done, we shall be on fertile soils to reap the best that is in our tourism industry.

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