Every week, we take a deliberate stand to tell the entire nation, continent and world about some of the wonderful young personalities in Ghana who are doing tremendously well in their chosen field or career.

Last week we went through the profile of JEREMIAH BUABENG, one of Ghana’s most talent life coach and motivational speakers. This week’s personality profile takes a look at one of Ghana’s finest critical thinkers’ in the person of RICHARD NYARKO LOKKO.

Richard Nyarko Lokko, a Worklanthropist at TEDxLabone, an Advocate Member at Ghana Environmental Youth Movement, a Teacher and a
Librarian at Ghana Free Community Library, Inc.

Richard is multi-talented young man from Ghana who uses the medium of critical
thinking to empower the people he comes along with. He has a soft touch of charm that leaves you in the pool of reasonism and cogitativity.

His major tool for effecting change happens to be the Library where am told has become the areana to “worship knowledge” of all kinds ranging from; religion, society, life, fiction, non-fiction, science, engineering, law, medicine, empowerment and what have you.

Richard defined the Library as an avenue committed to providing users with the tools requiring for independent critical thinking, and long life learning. He is not just in the tales of telling people to read but to enlighten them to move from a dormant mood to a more active point of critical thinking thus calling for a realistic change.

Anyone who has come into contact with this young man would surely know the sage he comes with. His is visionary, purposeful and goal oriented. He stands for a people who sees the best in all no matter the person you are.

In one of his write-ups on facebook, Richard made a statement which keeps echoing within my ears. He said, “TEENpreneurship Season Seven (7), facilitating a group of aspiring Transgenerational Leaders has been an excited and challenging one and I LOVE that. However, during the season I chipped in something about myself which makes group a challenging and willingness to do more. I share with them that, I had aggregate thirty (30) in the Basic Education Certificate Examination(B.E.C.E). I could not read and many more and still in Senior High School(S.H.S) first year, I couldn’t read but changed and developed a hunger for knowledge. And through that I have a remedial school and am able to teach various subjects like Elective(Additional) Maths, Core Maths, Financial Accounting, little bit of Physics and Chemistry, Quantitative Method, Economics and others .It got the children inspire to do high more.”

He is simply a light unto the path of darkness for thousands of people out there. Although, he hasn’t being in the limelight for many Ghanaians and Africans to note, but he is one person that people must watch out for.

His innovativeness coupled with the wonderful traits he comes with simply makes him a delight to learn from. His unrelentlessness and determination to inspire a generation through his principles “Powernomics”, “Librarnomics” and “Worklanthropics” which has started already as most of us are getting our fair share.

It is my prayer that, Richard continue walking to the hills to inspire and change minds and in the same light not to relent on his oars as he keep waking up sleeping minds.

Till we come again with the next personality in the coming week…..

Richard Nyarko Lokko,
the youth in Ghana salute you.


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