Every week, I take a deliberate stand to tell the entire nation, continent and world some of the wonderful young personalities in Ghana who are doing tremendously well in their chosen field or career.

This week’s personality profile takes a look at an iconic youth figure known as JEREMIAH BUABENG.

Jeremiah Buabeng is a motivational speaker, knowledge entrepreneur, preacher, author and educator. He is unarguably one of Ghana’s most sought-after speakers.

He is invited to speak in conferences nation-wide to a variety of audiences ranging from professionals, entrepreneurs, graduates, students and churches. A passionate motivator, he is a regular resource person on radio and television programs focused on youth development, career excellence, talent discovery and development, leadership growth and entrepreneurship.

He is the founder and Lead Consultant of JEREMIAH BUABENG & ASSOCIATES. His first published book “TAKE OFF” has received nation wide responses as it has helped many a youth to identify their potentials and also stimulated their whims towards life long empowerment.

Jeremiah comes with lot of dynamism and influence. He is one youth in Ghana who started budding his talent in his teenage days. Since then, he has never given on the desire to transform humanity with his prowess.

Accra Youth Summit is one concept he has come to develop solely with the intention of annully given the platform for young inspiring achievers in their twenty’s who have chalked the mark of excellence in their respective endeavours to also inspire the millions of youth out there.

Master Buabeng in one of his facebook writings said, ” In order to achieve greatness, you must have a deep hunger to take your gift beyond your immediate environment”. As a speaker he believes more in doing than just being a talkertive. He has risen beyond just the shakes of the dust to an enviable life-long empowerment coach.

Remembered writing an article concerning the Ghanaian media in 2013. Having no thought of how to go with it, his short extract on facebook triggered the piece. Jeremiah on his facebook wall wrote, “To the media, good news is no news. We are in our 20’s doing awesome things with our gifts and talents. The media won’t talk about us. Let a 25 year old rob a bank and it will be headline news and the adults will join and berate young people of today for being misguided. What kind of unfairness is that”?? With this short statement, it triggered my emotion into writing my first article on the Ghanaian media titled, “THE POROSITY OF OUR MEDIA AND THE SINKING SHADES OF THE 21ST CENTURY MEDIA ‘GALAMSAYING”.

He is the Executive President/Lead Consultant at Matrix Institute Accra, Ghana which is into Human Capital Development. His inspirational book “TAKE OFF” is online on the Amazone store.

Jeremiah Buabeng indeed is a young talented personality worth learning from. I thus deem it a privilege profiling him on this platform which also seeks for the empowerment of the Ghanaian youth. I pray he keeps on doing what his doing, and as well see the sky as the stepping stone to greater laurels.



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