I am being forced out of my disableness to write without an ink to this sinking tales that has dawned on us all. I am smoked out of my rat-hole about the sudden yet saddic death of Komla Dumor formally of Joy Fm and BBC Focus on Africa fame.

Though undetermined as she is, death has once again folded her cold and unforgiven hands on this great son of Africa who for his short stay with the BBC has proven that the Africa man when given the mandate irrespective of the field he is being placed can prove his mettle beyond all reasonable doubts.

Death has left us all, both young and old, to open our mouths agape with our minds still runing the headlines of shock and anxiety about why the heat from the mound should scorch the sprouting adorable mushroom to it graveness.

Many of us are still living in a limbo about the whys’, hows’ and the possibles that has torn the dead from the living. I am really sad, my heart filled with tears and mind tormented beyond torture.

So now that death has eat out Komla Dumor’s heart out and ceasing his lungs from communicating with breathe of life, where will he be after now? Where at all will he be from now? Talk of his soul, will he truely enjoy the Rest In Peace (RIP) comradeship farewell messages that we are sending him?

I fear for my life! I fear for the living!! Where at all are all those dead staying? Is there truely a land for the dead where peace indeed duely dwells?
I am shimmering under my hot hat. Coldness is fainting my inner-walls. Heaven save the living whilst Hell save the dead.
Life after death….
Life after death…. Hmmmmm!!!!


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