Many a time do some of us lean against the shadows of the walls of our society to ponder and cogitate deeply on the where about of the Kwame Nkrumah’s of our time. We tend to read between the dirt in our finger nails than to wipe them off with the things that matters for that.

Some of us when left alone at the corner side of our thinking hours on a raffia mats, we do stare and count the lines of our roofs in an attempt to finding out why the Nkrumah’s of our time haven’t yet emerged on the scenes to salvage ‘things’ from getting out of hands.

Out of pain and anguishness, some of us in our graces and benedictory adornment, we throw our wishes in the refrigerators to be ‘cooled’, simply because it is still unfathomable about why developmental and goal oriented ‘spirits’ like Nkrumah should receive an ancestral land call at such a budding time.

While it is cogent and worth analysing the tremendous achievements, intellectual personae, vision and purpose spiritual orients and zealousness of the Nkrumah’s who became the pillars of our society at the time and to a greater extent even in today’s contemporary times in areas of socio-economic, politico and cultural matters, it is also paramount looking at the what is written at the other side of the tossing coin.

Within my lensical pin-hole observatory device, I honestly believe that the Nkrumah’s of our time are born but?

If the Nkrumah’s of our time are born then why the but? The but? Because, the very person you see each day and label him ‘ordinary’ yet appears to be oustanding in some ways which transcends mortal thinking may be the Nkrumah we all are hoping to see.

The truth is, we as a people and a nation have closed our eyes, ears and spirits opened to see, hear and understand these Nkrumah’s of our time. They are just ‘ordinary’, they are found dressed in the impoverished garment you can ever know of. They are not by any way people whom society recognise a lot. They are just ‘great’ in their small corner. The society isn’t just ready to give them the audience, opportunities and boost to see them turn the Nkrumah’s in them into nationalistic greatness.

As long as we as a nation and people continue to thread on this path of ‘blind-seeking’ and ‘wash-away’ search, we can pray for the reincarnation of the Nkrumah’s to return yet when the even ask us for water to drink, we shall refuse them to thirst to death again. In the light of this, I call on all and sundry to open their hearts, minds, souls and spirits to see clearly the little spot of light in the dark for Nkrumah’s of our time are already born


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