The Kwame Nkrumah Ideological Institute(officially known as the Kwame Nkrumah Institute of Economics and Political Science or Winneba ideological Institute) was an educational body in Winneba founded to promote socialism in Ghana as well as the liberation of Africa from colonialism. With this first stone being laid by Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah on 18th of February 1961, the Institute was designed to promote national independence, as almost all Ghanaians in the first Nkrumah government were trained in the United Kingdom or United States.

The Institute’s Director then was Kodwo Addison, a prominent Ghanaian activist of his repute. The Institute’s aspirations, goals and aims short-lived when the ‘evil forces’ within our newly freedom but married nation of Independence and the ‘white master minds’ caused the ‘putsch’ of the Osagyefo in February 1966. This wonderful Institute brought in it wake some ideological dynamisms as it name bears it out. The brain behind the Institutes’ established which was solely to entrenched and aglow the true shade and light of “Socialism” in our nation as well as continent.

Kwame Nkrumah the mother of ‘future prediction’ in the motherland, better to say the ‘soothsayer’ at the time of ‘freedomisation’ of the continent thought it wise to purge out democratic tendencies at the very struggling hours of Independence and entrenched ‘Socialism’, which had a better correspondence with our traditional system of governance established the Institute to see to this vision’s realisation. The Ideological Institute which was meant for all people on the Africa guage markings, sought to train, educate and imbibe in her future leaders the idealist consciousness of radicalism and resistive conscienceness against oppressors, saw the likes of Robert Mugabwe of Zimbabwe receiving her fair share of this delicious continental asset.

After it walls been bulldozed to the mud of the “water-logs”, today here we stand in the cramp irony of our pittiness to see a restoration of sanity in our political discourse and dispensation.
Is it not pathetic seeing democracy turn our beloved nation into ‘democrazic’ nation? While we are on the tulip turning and side-netting affairs of national and political integration, one can authoritatively state without an impulse flow that, if this saving institute had still being in existence our nation and continent wouldn’t be receiving this hastic, harshic and clone hampering distortions.

Drawing the curtains of this worthwhile limelight raking, it is prudent that as a people and nation which have served as a lodestar in matters of freedom fighting and liberation from an ocultive pesterisation from the European colonizers, taking a closer and a tortoise eye view in the crystal ball to imbibe if not totally indoctrinate the ideals and ideologies of the Osagyefo in our political, economic, social and cultural dispensation. That way would we would be on the eagle’s flight feathers to the promise land of development.



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