Isn’t it laudable and applaudic appease to our media house particularly the Television outfits for moving mountains, plateaus and ridges to entrench and popularize Telenovela series(soap operas’) in our dear nation. Isn’t it not a shame of reward with medallions to grace the able media(TV) outfits of this nation of ours for their unflinching support for the overwhelmingly patronising premium placed on Telenovelas by the Ghanaian citizenry.
We have left the Century where the people of the white race deemed us as people who have “heads but with no head” and its quiet unfortunate that we still behave as if the 19th Century statement is indeed something worth ioting taking the African man into retrospect.

As a sprouting young citizen of this blessed nation, and someone whose desirous wishes is to see our beloved motherland take on the trend of smart and fast transformation in terms of her infrastructural, social, political, historical, economic as well as cultural on a positive dimension, its really saddens me the more considering how woefully our Television Stations have turned into. Isn’t it fair that I say they have turned into “stoogical and puppetic hang-overs”? Yes they deserve this crowning title with no shred of doubt.
While some of us as zealous as the the pigeon twist but unprivilege in certain temples, yet with the sudden dominance of social media we are using this outlet to tell others about the things that are hidden from the world frontiers about what truly embodies us as Ghanaians and Africans, these indigenous television stations are not even prepared to grace us a minute of occasion to tell the story of Ghana and Africa on their platforms yet they are heating up the popularity contest of who shows or broadcast the more in terms of these Telenovelas.

There are a lot of innumerable questions which needs to be ask per the conscience or reasoning point of why these our very own Ghanaian Television Stations would show Telenovelas’ at the expense of broadcasting things which reminds us of our past histories as a people and a nation.

The Ghana Broadcasting Corporation with it mother station the Ghana Television(GTV) must bow their heads in shame for also bandwagoning this trend of media deviation. Whilst it is a bit pardonable on the part of these private Television Stations, its quiet regrettable having GTV also become a ‘pigling’ in this act. The degrading and damaging aspect is that, whilst these Telenovelas’ persistently protray foreign cultures to the effect of our indigenous culture with scenes and acts which is unwholesome, it is so detrimental to the youth and future generational leaders of our country. Many of our people have ‘no or partial’ knowledge about the histories of the Great people of our nation who toiled and sacrificed their lives for us to see this day as a nation. Why can’t these media outfits channel their energies and resources to this effect?

We all are also to be blamed in one way or the other for this cancerous beast which is gradually eating us up. The Ghanaian consumer of Television programmes of this sort is never to be left out when whipping out the pains. Sponsors of such programmes might fall ply to the ignorance tooth bite of this syndrome because of their primarily motive of advertising their products to the consumer.

In pulling down the dark clouds of Telenovelas mitigating against our Television Stations and nation, we must all put our hands on deck including both the government and it agencies in finding effective means, measures and strategies in curing this dangerous but curable disease. This way we may be able to secure better prospects for our beloved nation and her future leaders.


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